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Jade Phire Wants To Be a GGurl

So what do y’all think? Is she GGurl material? I think one of the big differences between a good looking model and an okay one is the photography. These pictures of Jade doesn’t do her much justice. She’s not a bad looking girl by no means but if she wants to make it in the urban glamour world she’s going to have to show her body more. Not more skin, but just her body. All these pictures show is her lying down on a bed. Tad too much Photoshop too. So, am I right?

Face 84%
Body 70%
Booty 56%
Editing 56%
Final Thoughts

Like I said, she's not a bad looking girl, but I couldn't see her body in a nice revealing way. I can't tell if she has a nice booty or not and the editing takes a lot away from her. One of the pictures have a very hard shadow on it which never makes for a good photo.

Overall Score 66%
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